At Australian Distilled Spirit Merchants, we are thrilled to offer our premium wholesale products to licensed premises nationwide.  If you are a consumer looking for retail products, please visit Ostra Distillers to explore our retail range.

Who Can Benefit from Wholesale?

Our wholesale services cater to various businesses, including wineries, breweries, distilleries, alcohol wholesalers/distributors, restaurants, hospitality venues, and event promoters.  If you fall into any of these categories, we have an array of exceptional products awaiting you.

Licensee Requirements:

To access our wholesale offerings, licensees should hold a valid and appropriate license or permit issued by their respective state authority.  This ensures compliance with regulatory standards and allows us to collaborate with responsible and credible partners.

Cleanskin Products – Your Canvas of Opportunity:

All our wholesale products come without labels, offering you a blank canvas to customise your branding and label designs.  It’s your chance to create a unique beverage identity and captivate your audience with your distinctive brand.

Distilled Under Your Direction:

When you purchase our wholesale products, they are classified as distilled under your direction.  This empowers you with creative freedom and control over the promotion process, delivering products that reflect your vision and values.

Assumed Financial Responsibility:

As a licensee, you assume the financial risk associated with the purchased products.  This responsibility further strengthens your commitment to delivering the finest spirits to your esteemed clientele.


We currently use Australia Post for shipping our products.  If you can access a higher-tier discount from Australia Post from Robinvale 3549, please select your preferred shipping method and send us the shipping label.  This way, we can ensure the best shipping option for you and potentially pass on any cost savings.

Please refer to our full Wholesale Terms and Conditions for more comprehensive details.  If you meet the requirements and are eager to embark on this exciting journey with us, fill out the following application form to explore our wholesale range and register as a valued partner.