Whisky finance

Closing the gap between rising consumer demand for Australian Whisky and industry supply requires a finance tool designed to support new, capital-hungry brands and facilitate faster access to market.

Despite rapid growth in the Whisky industry, many brands are slowing down sales due to a lack of product. With our Whiskey Finance and maturation program, your brand will never run out of stock.

Financing your maturing stock

Providing an effective way to work around capital limitations, Whisky Finance is designed to make manufacturing easy and affordable by allowing you to lay tomorrow’s sales into barrels today.

You will have future stock security and your growth projections will be guaranteed while you maintain capital reserves, manage cash flow and focus on boosting sales.

Freed up banking lines will give you the ability to purchase the inventory you need to help maximise future sales and provide you the flexibility to adapt to seasonal and geographical factors, which may affect your business cycle.

Our regular stock inspections and monthly statements will give you robust control over your inventory and keep you up to date on where your investment stands.