ADSM Single Malt Whisky (available August 23)




Includes 200L at 62.5% ABV, 200L American Oak, ex Bourbon Barrel, 200L drum for shipping

2yo single malt
Laid down August 2021
Confection apples. Apple flavoured snakes/green liquorice straws. Very “sweet” on the nose with background of very ripe blackberries. Notes of malt and milk chocolate coming through, like TeeVees malt sticks. Little pops of peppermint oil. Very welcoming.
Mouthfeel is waxy with “green” flavours, fresh cut grass and mint in background. Not as sweet as I first thought by the nose (which is not a bad thing) quite a drying sensation with notes of anise and fresh green apples. Opens through time on palate to deeper fruit notes of cooked/poached apples. Kick of pine in there also.
The finish is medium length-malt husks linger on the palate along with a floral note of geranium and hits of dark chocolate.