Maturation program

Significant opportunity in whisky

Australia’s Whisky market is growing exponentially as demand for Single Malts soar. However, the opportunity of Australian Grain Whisky has barely been realised.

With a market size 10 times that of Single Malts and distributors hunting for new and innovative brands, Grain Whisky poses a significant opportunity for Australia’s beverage industry.

Lock in the future of your whisky brand

Our Maturation Program is the first in Australia and gives you the ability to capitalise on the booming whisky market.

Our facility and service will ensure you have your Whisky produced, barrelled, laid and resting – giving you a two-year jump start on the competition with guaranteed quality, future supply and brand security.

Create and blend many different styles of Whisky, from Single Malts to blended Whisky. Our variety of mash bills provides plenty of scope for brand innovation and individuality.

We use both French and American Oak barrels, with have Sherry, Port and Wine Barrels also available.

Come and talk to our Master Distiller about how we can create that special note you are after.

To speak to our team about our Maturation Program, contact: HERE