Contract packing

Simplify your manufacturing process by using our vertically integrated distillery.

Professional formulation and white-label assistance all designed to reduce the costs of delivering your product to market.

Our system ensures your spirit will not change hands until it is firmly sealed and bottled, avoiding any tampering or quality risk.

To speak to our team about our contract packing, contact: HERE

Operating from Australia’s food bowl

Enjoy the benefits of locally sourced Grain, Grapes and Fruit.

At ADSM, we take pride in our strong relationships with local growers and appreciate how our operation co-exists with the agricultural industry.

Our experience working with the agricultural sector gives us firsthand knowledge of the challenges that Australian farmers face. And our understanding of Australia’s seasons and harvests guarantees supply and delivery of the best possible product.

With Australia’s Grain Belt at our doorstep, we have premier access to the raw agricultural commodity. For our customers, this operational advantage translates into a high value-added product.