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Commercial Distillery with Craft Distillation at Heart 

We are an independent family owned distillery providing contract beverage distilled spirits with passion and care from grain to bottle.

Grow your brand with us from conception to beyond a million case sales globally.

Our portfolio of products include; Bulk Whisky, Whisky barrels, Barrel ageing, New make whisky, Vodka and Gin.
Alongside our distillation, we also offer co-packing, creating your own home brands in bottle.

Whisky maturation program

ADSM offers a diversified whisky maturation program ranging from 200,000+ litres down to a single 100L barrel; stored underbond until maturation with annual product surveys. From Single malt to various grains, our whisky program reduces costly red tape and streamlines your inventory management with our efficient solutions.

Formulation and co-packing under the one roof

Experience the cutting-edge with our state-of-the-art on-site spirit bottling facility. Minimise cross-contamination and safety risks while simplifying your spirit manufacturing process. Streamline your supply chain with our efficient solutions. We meet all your bottling and packing requirements, ensuring quick market access for your products. Trust our expertise to deliver exceptional quality and efficiency. From start to finish, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet your unique needs. Embrace the advantages of our advanced facility to accelerate your market entry.

Commercial Distillery Capabilities

HACCP Certified

Brew House
Craft Brew House up to 100 Hectolitre
Steinecker Brew House 500 Hectolitre
Fermenters up to 800 hectolitres

Still House
Pot Stills up to 15,000 litre runs
Continuous Still 4 Columns 15,000 litres of wash per hour

Cask Maturation
Storage Tanks over 8million litres on site

5,000 BpH Spirits


Purchase your excise paid goods ready to go for shipment. Or apply for an account to purchase under bond goods.

At Australian Distilled Spirit Merchants, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch wholesale products with ease and convenience.  Our Wholesale e-commerce platform has been carefully crafted to cater to our valued customers, providing seamless access to an extensive range of clean skin products and bulk spirits.  Whether you run a licensed premise or manage a thriving business in the hospitality industry, our wholesale is open to all, with a small minimum order quantity to suit your specific needs. Discover the difference at Australian Distilled Spirit Merchants – where quality meets simplicity.

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